Tax Rates

Here are the tax rates for residents in Australia for salaries and earnings

Taxable Income                                                         Tax Payable        

(Australian)                                                                                             (Australian$) 

0 - 18.200                                                                                                Nil                                                            18,201 - 37,000                                                                                       19%  of excess over 18,200                    37,001 - 80,000                                                                                       $3,572 + 32.5% of excess over $37,000  80,001 - 180,000                                                                                     $17,547 + 37% of excess over $80,000 180,001  +                                                                                              $54,547    +    45% of excess over $180,000

Tax rates current at time of printing for 2012-2013 financial year - for up to date tax rates

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Salaries and Tax Rates in Australia

Hospital Salaries in Australia vary slightly from state to state but each state's Government fixes all doctors' salaries. Here are approximate figures for basic salaries in Australia. After overtime and on-call work these salaries will be approximately 15-25% higher.

Working for a Medical Centre is often made on a contractual basis whereby a percentage of ones earnings are split with the medical centre or private Practice at a rate approximately 70/30% in favour of the doctor.

Seniority         Approximate                 Estimated Salary                             Grossed up pay with 

                       Basic Salary  (Aus $)      after average overtime  (Aus $)         salary packaging  (Aus $)

Resident/SHO 60,000 - 75000            70,000 - 90,000                              80,000 - 105,000

Registrar         75,000 - 110,000          90,000 - 130,000                          105,000 - 150,000

G.P.                150,000 - 350,000         175,000 - 400,000                         Not Applicable                  

Specialist        175,000 - 350,000         200,000 - 400,000                        230,000 - 500,000

These are all approximate figures and in actual fact, the more hours you choose to work, the more you will earn. Basic salary assumes a working week of 38 hours - anything after this will be paid at penalty rates (usually double-pay), so for those looking to increase their salary the option of working extra hours (which is commonly available at many hospitals) can substantially increase your income.

Salary Packaging is a tax minimisation strategy available to all public hospital employees in Australia.

It allows you to access up to 30% of your income as tax-free depending on the hospital you work in.

This is a system used by almost all hospital employees to substantially increase your take home salary and further information will be available at your hospital finance department.