Rural Australia

Health practitioners in rural Australia are welcomed with open arms by the locals due to medical personnel shortages in country areas there ar many medical job opportunities that are often Government assisted for physicians and health care providers and talking about country Australia, when comparing it with our cities you will find the people a lot happier with their life styles, greeting strangers with a smile and housing is less expensive not to mention the wonderful Australian environment with wide open spaces.

In general Australia has a strong cultural diversity with well established migrant communities. There are a range of recruitment initiatives to attract the medical fraternity with those highly sort after skills and abilities.

The Australian Governments Life in Australia web e-page book has general information on living and working in Australia that is relevant to migrants interested in living in regional Australia.  Topics covered include basic facts about Australia, learning English, translating and interpreting service, work and business, health, housing and education, youth and help for migrants.
Life in Australia

Life in Regional Australia

We often direct immigrating medical healthcare job seekers to the country areas of Australia where the local population have no doctors in their town and have to often travel hundreds of kilometres for medical specialist consultations.

Many regional centres also have a strong cultural diversity with well established migrant communities. Different Australian Government bodies offer a range of initiatives to attract migrants, with particular skills and abilities, to many regions of Rural Australia.

Regional Australia has increasing opportunities for migrants to successfully settle outside of the major Australian cities.

Rural Australia Real Estate

Looking for housing information in rural Australiareal estate housing varies in size, price and style depending on the region and the state you choose.  Homes are sometimes sold directly by private owners, but more often they are sold by Real Estate agents.  

Most Real Estate agents offer a free catalogue advertising housing for sale and many also place their advertisements on the internet. Rental properties will also be available through Real Estate agents.

Properties for sale or rent will generally be advertised in newspapers, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is the national association for Australia‚Äôs real estate profession. 

REIA is a politically non-aligned organisation that provides research and well-informed advice to the Federal Government, Opposition, members of the real estate profession, media and the public on a range of issues affecting the property market.

Real Estate Institute of Australia
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