Resume Writing Services

Do you need Resume Writing Services guarantee that gets results? 

Our experienced Career Advisers Partners, Curriculum-Vitae Services Inc provide professional resume writing services that get results for our clients.

A resume/CV may be the most important document you will own and it is essential it stands out in today’s competitive employment market.

Your resume acts as your personal branding document and needs to be written with your potential employer in mind, showcasing your unique skills, expertise and achievements.

It’s not true that recruiters only spend 10 seconds on your resume.  They actually spend less than 30 seconds glancing at the top 1/3 before deciding whether to even read the rest.  

Research shows that you have about 30 seconds to convince a potential employer to read your resume.    Don’t let your resume hit the rejection pile prematurely.

Find out how your resume rates with our Resume Self-Assessment, and learn more in our exclusive webinar, “Why the Top 1/3 of your Resume Matters Most.”

This means your job resume will need to reflect the key skills, professional knowledge and experience necessary to do the job.

Due to the high volume of resumes some companies receive, an automated system is often used to pre-select the right candidate. This means that your resume needs to be keyword rich and tailored to meet the needs of potential employers in order to get noticed.

Good Resume writing services Format

At curriculum-Vitae Services they work with partners around the world that are highly skilled in writing professional resumes that represent your true worth by focusing on your unique qualities and attributes.  

They have extensive experience in servicing the executive and professional job market, from graduates through to CEO’s.

There process involves you completing an on line questionnaire which may be followed up with a telephone consultation.

The first role is to disseminate your role towards the position that you seek to benefit your Resume.

They familiarise themselves with your career ambitions and collate detailed data on your specific career background.   Based on the information you provide, we craft a dynamic and structured resume/CV.

Each resume/CV is tailored to your specific needs and the roles you are targeting.

By engaging our professional writing services, you will receive:

  1. A personal consultation with one of our resume writers, either face-to-face or by phone/email/Skype.
  2. A professionally written resume/CV with a dynamic layout that makes you stand out from your competition and will appeal to potential employers;
  3. A search engine optimised keyword rich resume/CV making you highly visible to potential employers, management or recruiters
  4. A professionally written resume/CV reflecting your professional brand and unique skills.

  Entry Level Resume writing services from $85 to $275 Suitable for school leavers, recent graduates or individuals with less than 5 years’ experience.

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