Medicare remuneration for a Doctor G.P. depends on the practice, self employed or wages, hours worked and patients per hour.

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Pay for a Doctor - G.P. depends on the practice, self employed or on wages, hours worked, patients per hour and efficiency with patients.

Working for a Medical Centre that supplies a medical room and all necessary equipment, making all of your appointments, arranges patients on the day, billing and invoices Government funded work.

Doctors remuneration is based on a  percentage split by the medical centre, normally between 60% and 70% of their earnings.

Sponsered Visa 457 this is the preferred way for most GP’s coming to Australia on the 457 Visa as the medical centre owners will often sponsor the medical practitioner with a contract that Medical jobs Australia organise.

Working for the Government there are many jobs available through the Government and wages normally start from $150,000 per annum with different perks that may include extra superannuation, accommodation, vehicle and travel.

Hours a typical day for a GP working in a medical centre say on the Central Coast of New South Wales who starts consulting at 8:30am and walks out the door at 5.00pm after a 30 minute lunch break, amounting to a 40 hour week. It's really your call on how much money you wish to make.

Patients per hour doctors normally nominate patient flow. Normally GP's booking screens are set up for either 10 or 15 minute consultations. However current GP’s are generally seeing more than 6 patients per hour. The nurses triage and the GP directs the care but isn't in attendance all the time and this makes up the numbers of patients consulted.

Remuneration a doctor bills a minimum forty hours a week at six patients an hour, forty eight a day, at a  charge out rate of $68 a patient (48 x $68) AUD$3,264 on that day. Working on say 60%, they would earn AUD$1,958.40 for the days work.

This translates to 48 weeks a year (taking 4 week holiday break) or a remuneration of AUD$469,920 Gross per annum.  

These are the minimum hours a doctor works in Australia and the number of patients per hour you see are at your discretion.

After hours most Medical centre practices operate their own after hours. Often there is a nurse triage call system with the Practice Principal and Doctors within the practice, who attends to home visits if required.

Most doctors have a role of out patients that they visit on a regular basis this extra work plus extra hours within the practice increase the amount of monies to be earnt.

Patient records most Medical centres and individual practices are computerised. Most large paper files on old patients are scanned into patient files allowing for patient reports to come in online. Most medical centres have paperless records.

Remunerations for Locum's

Pay and other benefits for Locum work, There are a number of factors which influence locum pay rates, including: location,timing, responsibility, required skill level, staffing levels of the facility,length of time until the shift starts.

As a general guide, indicative rates are:

  • RMO/SRMO - $70-$110 per hour
  • Registrar/CMO - $80-$180 per hour
  • Specialist - $200-$300 per hour
  • GP - $120-$160 per hour or percentage of billings (usually around 65% +)

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