Nurse Practitioners

Considering a career as a Nurse Practitioner, the demand is enormous.  Nursing in general is one of the ten fastest-growing fields in the Australia spurred by the increased emphasis on public health, the ageing of the baby boomers and the retirement of existing nurses. Most health care institutions and other settings can’t fill their positions fast enough.

If you think a nurse practitioner known as NPs is a glorified doctor’s assistant, think again. Today’s NP's, give complete physical examinations; care for people of all ages; manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes; order and interpret X-rays and other lab tests, give immunizations and provide essential patient education.

As a nurse practitioner, you have a wide choice of work settings including hospitals, doctors’ offices, rural and inner city clinics and schools. Some NPs opt for private practice. You can specialise in pediatrics, family health, acute care, women’s health, anaesthesiology, midwifery or occupational health.

An NP is often is a patient’s primary health care provider. Many patients feel that nurse practitioners spend more time with them than doctors do.

Career Rewards

The average annual salary for NPs range starting from $60,000 depending on the part of the country and the ratio of NPs to available positions for them.
All things being equal, salaries are largely dependent on the geographic region versus exactly what function is performed and Australia’s nurses are one of the best paid in the world.

Financial influences in your decision to move to New South Wales should include housing costs, utility bills, urban versus rural living, and whether you want to enjoy the numerous beaches or the community of rural townships.   Of course you could do both in a place like Australia for most of the year. 

Health and wellness-related careers are in demand. In addition to baby boomers reaching their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, an age where regular health care and doctor visits are key, more people are hoping to lead healthier life styles.  With this in mind, you might consider one of these great health and wellness-related careers.

Staying Abreast of Changes in the Nurse Practitioners Field

To be successful in any career you must stay abreast of the trends and changes that come about because of technology, legislation and even simply because of time. The medical field boasts one of the most widely changing landscapes in the country.

Health care professionals, whether or not they are looking for a new job, must read and keep up with medical news and trends. Careers in the medical field can pop up at any time and certain fields like those in IT become hot for a season and you have to be ready to take advantage of those jobs when they appear.

Medical Jobs Australia does the research to get you the best advice, tips and trends affecting health care. Our interactive site also features links to Immigration, Visa’s, Medical licensing boards and healthcare jobs among other valuable tools.

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