Medical Malpractice

Medical indemnity insurance cover  

Medical malpractice claims expose medical professionals from all sectors of the healthcare industry to expensive litigation costs – regardless of whether any negligence actually occurred. For this reason, developing the right medical malpractice insurance plan is essential to all health and medical institutions, agencies, surgeries and practitioners.

Medical professionals are liable to many complications, particularly in regards to malpractice claims, product development and errors or omissions. If not properly insured, negotiating these claims and reaching a favourable solution can be a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating process.

It is important that you are protected by the correct medical indemnity insurance to minimise damages.

Medical indemnity insurance plays a vital role within the Australian health system by working to protect both doctors and patients in the event of an adverse incident arising from medical care.

Medical indemnity cover for doctors is a requirement of registration in Australia.

Five specialist insurers are represented by a peak body, Medical Indemnity Insurance Association of Australia (MIIAA) providing medical indemnity services to over 70% of Australia's medical practitioners.

Why You need insurance as a GP against Medical Malpractice?

As a GP, you must feel confident that you have the best insurance protection both for yourself and, if necessary, for your practice.

In general practice you need to be covered for direct treatment of patients, supervising others treating patients, Legal representation for Medical Board inquiries and other matters affecting your ability to practice.

The Medical Indemnity Industry Association of Australia (MIIAA) is the representative voice of the medical indemnity industry. The member organisations of the MIIAA provide medical indemnity services to over 70% of Australia's medical practitioners. The association represents those doctors on issues that impact on the structure and delivery of medical indemnity and related services.

Are you a practice owner? 

As a practice owner, you wear an additional hat. In addition to your own work, you need to be covered for the following:

  1. Failure of practice protocols, including systemic failures that could result in multiple claims
  2. Liability assumed as a partner or employer
  3. Breaches of patient privacy by staff
  4. Errors by unsupervised practice staff, or where the patient sees multiple doctors.
  5. Do you meet one of the following criteria, it is likely you may have practice exposures that require cover under a Practice Medical Indemnity Insurance Policy:
  • Are you a corporation or partnership, rather than a sole proprietor?
  • Do you employ or contract nurses, allied health practitioners, administration staff or doctors?
  • Do you rent rooms to other healthcare practitioners?
  • Do you provide administrative services to other healthcare practitioner

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