Health Care Careers

Health care careers and professional development is not just about changing job roles. Most of the time, we develop and learn in our current position.

Medical Jobs Australia will help you maximise your chances of securing one of the many opportunities out there. Even if the job you want is not available due to qualifications or that you don’t even know what it is yet, a career plan is a useful way to determine what you are after and then to secure it.

Managing Your Development and Health Care Career provides an overview of different steps in the career planning process including self-assessment, researching organizational opportunities, networking, and development planning.  It offers employees a structured process to identify values, skills, interests, and other work motivators. It explores multiple career strategies and sets the foundation for creating action plans

The first stage in any career plan is to increase your self-awareness. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes, will help you narrow down the type of work you might enjoy.   

By using a career planning tool (see link) like what jobs would suit me? you can discover what motivates you and identify the skills you have to increase your career capabilities.

Medical Jobs Australia has an extensive panel of general medical practitioners available ranging from non-VR General Practitioners and GP Registrars to qualified VR accepted, FRACGP and FACRRM GPs and GP proceduralists.

Placing GPs, a dedicated consultant is allocated to liaise with the Client representative to discuss requirements and doctor engagement terms such as remuneration and length of contract.

We then either match positions to our available doctors or seek out a suitable GP for the Client.

Medical Health Care Careers

If you wish to enhance your qualifications,  then there is no better place on earth than Australia  for health care careers whereby  the Australian Government will support you.

If you’re a physician who is looking for a rewarding career, then Australia is the place for you. As there is a strong demand for doctors throughout Australia, you’ll find many job opportunities available to you and a lot of flexibility in terms of career path and practice setting.

Whether you are family doctor or a specialist, you’ll find practising in Australia a rewarding experience. Many exciting job opportunities are available and you can choose to do a locum or secure permanent employment where you will make a difference often starting in the rural community.

If you’re a nurse who is looking for a dynamic and rewarding career, then New South Wales may be the place for you. As nurses are in demand in the country areas, which are mostly situated close to a major city for your shopping trips.

You’ll find great flexibility in terms of career path and many career opportunities available to you in rural Australia where the attitude leans towards can-do.

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