Have you ever been called by headhunters?

That is exactly what headhunters do, they call you to find out if an applicant is worth being approached.

Medical Jobs Australia are searching health professionals through direct search, which means, we have a target list to find out if your profile (experiences, education, Medical skills) are what we are looking for in Australia.

We search for an entrepreneurial spirit in our applicants and whenever possible, we try to find candidates with long term commitment, because in our culture, these candidates own the best past track records.

So please, if you are not answering on a call or an advertisement from us, you should be very sure, that you wish to make a positive move for the better.   Please feel free to read though this site to learn more.

Our target is to locate candidates who wish to improve their life style by moving and working in Australia and who will perform well in accordance with the business culture of our clients of, whom include Hospitals, Medical Centres, Private Practice, Defence Department, Government and mining.

When expanding overseas, many Medical Centres, private practice, Hospitals and Goverment departments do not know how and where to find Health Professionals but our success is partnering simular companies to us assisting our health practitioners in their home country, with local managers to look after you every step of the way leading to an Australian visa application.


As headhunters when we are recruiting people and one of the important considerations to find out what level of education a candidate has. We can check with the relevant educational institution to make sure that information given on a resume is correct. But, as recruiters, we need to be able to get to the inner core of who you are and what you do, and particularly what are your key competencies and behaviours, what is your motivation.

Medical Jobs Australia believe that performers have the following key competencies to varying degrees of ability: Patient-service Orientation, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Achievement Motivation, Listening and Responding, Experience and Strategic Views, Adaptability and Endurance, Motivation and Persuasiveness, Self-confidence and Initiative.

Headhunters Role

One of the most important roles of headhunters is understanding what makes people tick, and particularly understanding their competencies and behaviours, helps us to determine who is going to be the best person for the job.

There have been many occasions where we have a short-list of more than three people who, either on paper or face-to-face, have all the skills, all the experience and all the education.   At the end of the day we have to make a judgment based on their competencies and to fit with the client organisation.

We are pleased to say that there is a huge candidate shortage in Australia and that shortage will intensify as we all get older. There will be less and less available talent in the marketplace.

So as an experienced medical practitioner you are in a strong position. Please send your resume via e-mail.  Medical Jobs Australia personal handle not only one assignment at the same time but we read every single application personally.

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