Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions when considering moving and working as a GP in Australia.

Q: What is the best way to find out about working in Australia?
A:  To discuss your options for working in Australia, and to learn about medical jobs most suited to you and your family‚Äôs needs, simple register with us on the form below. We will then discuss the relevant issues with you by email and or phone.  We shall require a resume of your work experience allowing us to provide you with details of suitable vacancies.

Q: What grades of doctors and nurses are required to work in Australia?

A:  We have positions available for all grades of health care specialist from family Doctors, General Practitioners, specialist doctors to nurse practitioners, nurses, midwifes, chiropractor, physical therapist etc

Frequently asked Questions when considering how much more money you can make in Australia

Q:  What are the salaries of doctors in Australia like?
A:  Doctors in Australia are paid handsomely for their hours worked. As a rule, doctors are usually contracted to do 38 hours a week.   Depending on the exact location and seniority, they can expect to earn from $145,000 annually.  If one is posted to a Medical Centre on an average of 70/30 % split in favour of the doctor then weekly turn over can be as high as $10,000 meaning a gross in favour of the doctor of $7,000 a week.

Q: Why do so many doctors choose to work in Australia?
A: The common reasons are work related with less hours, better conditions, good pay and all-round increased opportunities.  In regards to lifestyle we have a better climate than most countries, beautiful beaches and wonderful countryside with lots of recreational opportunities such as entertaining wine tasting regions and for the more invigorating person sailing, surfing, skiing, fishing, diving, sailing and lots of great places to enjoy.

Q:  Is there an age limit for doctors, nurses and health practitioners wishing to work in Australia?
A:  The age limit is normally no less than 21 years for Nurses and health practitioners, doctors generally have no age limit.  Health practitioners in general who would like to work in Australia are encouraged and often subsided by the local Government to annually develop their Professional standings.

Q:  Do I have to deal with a recruitment agency?
A:  No you do not, but the advantages are numerous by doing so.  Although it is entirely possible to find a job suitable either by visiting Australia and seeking a position, there are substantial advantages to going through Medical Jobs Australia.

  • Firstly no Doctor, Nurse or Health Practitioner is charged by us finding you the best  job for your expertise, the work we do in finding you that perfect job comes from fees we charge the General practice or hospitals.         
  • Secondly we have available on a regular basis Medical jobs that are not advertised. 
  • Medical Jobs Australia's Partners are registered immigration specialist and experts in the Immigration process for the work permits and visas, our legal partners look after any hiccups that need professional legal advice.
  • The application processes for work visas/ medical board registration/ sponsorship are complicated and time-consuming. They can take several months of frequent phone calls and letters. It is far easier to allow us to do all the paperwork.
  • Our potential medical practitioner candidates will have the security and peace of mind that they will be going through a highly reputable company.  All the positions we find for them will be genuine medical positions with above average remunerations.

Most Frequently asked Question - Four Year Term

Fequently asked Questions  "FAQ's"

Q:  Is there a minimum length of time I have to go for?
A:  Most of the vacancies we have for overseas doctors are for long term period as per Temporary Visa which is up to four (4) years initially.  This is a lifestyle change where one has to commit themselves to working and living in Australia.

Q:   Does the agency decide where I work or do I decide myself?
A:  The choice is entirely up to you. After you have submitted your CV, you will be sent a simple questionnaire asking for your preferences and interests.
 Medical Jobs Australia will ask for detailed information from you that allow us to find a job that we think will suit your key requirements. If that post is not what you are looking for then we will be happy to repeat our search until we successfully find a post that suits you. It is important that you stay in regular contact us so you don't miss any job opportunities.   Most of our communication is done via email mainly because of the time differences that we encounter so please remember to check your email regularly!

Frequently asked Questions when considering what English test to sit

Q:  What English Language testing requirements are needed to work in Australia?
A:  All doctors who want to work in Australia will require proof of English language proficiency unless you have been educated in an English speaking country then you may be exempted from all testing. Doctors educated in non-English speaking countries may need to complete an OET or IELTS assessment at one of many international testing centres. See site page on OET ort IELTS.

Q:  How long will it take me to gain my Immigration, medical registration and other workforce regulations required allowing me to work in Australia.

A:  Normally it takes as long as six months depending on your registration and application to Medical Jobs Australia and what country you have gained your doctorate plus Visa Filtering, pre-interviewing and credentialing ensuring all candidates meet the required standards requested by our clients.

Q: What is the process for applying to Medical Jobs Australia?

A: Please submit your resume via the site apply Registration page. On receipt, we will assess it and if you meet the minimum requirements to work in Australia, which we will inform you at the time and we will also submit a Plan of Action for your perusal.  We then will search and find the placement best suiting what you are seeking that best matches your requirements.

Q: Do I need private health insurance while I am living/working in Australia?

A: Yes you do. This is currently a requirement of a sponsored visa. There are however, significant tax incentives to taking out health insurance so generally these equate to the cost of the insurance so you will not be "out of pocket".  Australia has reciprocal agreements with several European countries (see Medicare for further details) but there are exemptions. There is a choice of specific policies for visitors to Australia, which you can review by following these links:

Medibank Private Health Insurance

NIB Health Insurance

HCF  Health Insurance

I select  Health Insurance

Bupa  Health Insurance

Q: I have been offered a job and accepted, what happens next?

A: Following signing your contract, we will assist you in organising your medical board registration and liaise with the Department of Immigration on any questions you have, so you are provided with appropriate advice by them. We will also require a number of documents but these will be listed clearly for you at the time. To assist you in your move and ensure that it is a smooth one, on arrival to Australia we will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and taken to a top class hotel for your first few nights to ensure your welcome to Australia is a happy and stress-free experience.

If you have a query you think should be added to our frequent asked questions please contact 

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