Australian Real Estate

Australian Real estate is one of the strongest in the world, with interest rates at their lowest levels in decades and housing prices lower than they have been for ages, then perhaps it is true 2013 will be the year many of us dip our toes in the property market again.

If you have made the decision to work and live in Australia it makes sense to purchase a Australian real estate investment property whilst you are still employed in your own country.    Finance in Australia can be obtained from 5% interest (May 2014), your application for Permanent Residence is assisted because you show a connection to Australia even before you migrate.

You also have a home to which you can move into upon immediate arrival in Australia saving you wasted rental expenses. You can then live in your investment as your permanent residence (tax benefits) whilst you and your family explore your chosen State and decide which neighbourhood you want to settle in.

Both Australian residential and commercial properties have some unique features which add up to a very solid investment for you and your family.

Your investment is protected About 70% of domestic property owned is by the occupier.  In Australia one of “the Great Australian Dreams to come true is owning your own home and living there.  Naturally City areas are a lot more expensive than outer suburban and country areas where you have the choice of owning say a small farm or large Country .estate.

To a larger degree your investment is protected with Australians moving on the average once every 8 years and protected from fluctuations in the housing market due to low unemployment and a great mining industry. You rarely see .panic buying or selling through investors as the rental market is also very strong.

Tax savings for Australian residents an investment property (if owned for more than 12 months) is subject to a 50% discount on Capital Gains Tax when sold. The costs and depreciation write-off can be claimed against other income and potentially reduce the amount of tax you pay.

A Quick look at Australian Real estate

A quick look around Australia real estate growth starting in an AoN Darwin

DARWIN house prices have soared 10 per cent to show the strongest growth in the nation, according to the latest real estate data.  But they are slowing - and have still not clawed their way back to their 2011 peak, research group Australian Property Monitors (APM) data shows.  The median Darwin house price rose to $629,924 in the December quarter, a 10.2 per cent increase on December last year according to APM's December House Price

The Perth housing market has also rebounded strongly to record a 6.1 per cent rise over the same period, coming in second behind Darwin.

Solid annual growth was also recorded in Sydney, where prices outpaced inflation. Elsewhere, however, house price growth remained fairly weak, with values either falling over the year, or growing at rates below inflation.

Sydney has illustrated the resilience of its housing market with median house prices hitting a record - a whopping $656,415 - for the quarter.

According to Australian real estate capital cities recorded house price rises over the December quarter for the first time since March 2010,

National median house prices rose by a solid 1.9 per cent over the quarter and units by 1.6 per cent according to the Real Estate report.

The Gold Coast is No. 1 in the country when it comes to apartment living, according to a recent report by the Department of Infrastructure.  The third annual State of Australian Cities report re Australian real estate has revealed attached dwellings (including units and townhouses) account for close to a third of all properties in Australia but it is the Gold Coast where there is the highest percentage of units in the nation, with about 40 per cent of properties being attached dwellings.

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Major export markets China and the US were also reporting more optimism in their growth outlook.  "With a rising share market and an improving international outlook, the general economic landscape and prospects remain optimistic, which is unequivocal good news for Australia real estate housing markets.

Home Building Calculator

If your home was totally destroyed or badly damaged, you would not want to find that your sum insured was inadequate to cover the cost of rebuilding or repairing your house. This calculator estimates the replacement cost of your home using information supplied by Cordell Information, Australia's leading provider of building cost information.  By providing general information about your home the calculator will provide an estimated replacement cost including an allowance for professional fees, demolition, removal of debris and GST.

In general according to Australian real estate depending where you live costs vary from $900-$1400 per square meter.  Time to complete is a few minutes: Home Building calculator at

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