Australian immigration

Australian immigration and recruitment are a speciality of Medical Jobs Australia where we place our medical doctors, nurses and health care providers first.   

We listen to you and help you with our expertise in immigration law, national law and visas.   In particular the Australian 457 visa that allows you to come to Australia with your family and work up to 4 years. 

The 457 visa speeds up the whole  immigration process for doctors and health care providers allowing the easiest means to access working in Australia. 

It is a requirement of this visa that you are sponsored by an Employer which we will arrange prior to your application.

Spouses and children may be added to a 457 visa application in which case the spouse will also have work rights (with any employer) once residing in Australia.

The visa 457 is known as a four year temporary visa which leads to full time residency and Australian Citizenship. To qualify for this visa you must first register as a health practitioner. 

Occupational English Test (OET)

Part of the requirements for registration to practise as a Doctor in Australia, overseas -trained health professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds must pass the Occupational English Test (OET).

if you are living outside of the British Commonwealth you will have to sit an Occupational English test normally in the city where you presently reside, medical Jobs Australia will send you a list of Centres where you may apply after receiving your application form and Curriculum Vitae.

Once successfully passing this exam we will register you as an Australian Practitioner and then we can apply for a visa for you and your family members.

This process may take at least six months but Medical Jobs Australia believe in the importance of planning ahead, making sure that your move towards a better life style is not mired by any unforseen doubts or problems, we have dedicated practitioners available to walk you through every step of the way for Australian immigration.

Australian Immigration STEP ONE ENGLISH TEST

Both the IELTS and OET test grades your proficiency in English. It is recognised by professional organisations and educational institutions worldwide and is the current pathway for entry to tertiary institutions and permanent residency applications in Australia. The Occupational English Test.

Please see pages: Occupational English test OET and IELTS

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