Registration Process

Negotiating the Australian Registration process, if you are a doctor wishing to gain a position in Australia and from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand the process is relatively easy using the competent authority pathway where most times there is a mutual recognition but keep in mind there is a 10 year Moratorium.

In the UK accreditation is undertaken by the GMC with GP’s having to register with a PCT trust that annually appraise G.P’s.

If you obtained your medical degree in any other country a short cut for you may be to gain a fellowship at a specialist college that is recognised in Australia.

This may allow you to transfer your fellowship to the Australian College saving you the time of waiting for an MCQ and a Clinical exam date.

Other than the above you have no alternative other than to sit your MCQ and Clinical exam which may take many months to arrange a date and place to sit the exam. 

Once obtaining the MCQ and clinical exam you may then wish to approach a specialist college and have your overseas practise experience assessed for fellowship allowing you to obtain limited registration until you have gained fellowship, which means that you can take the competent authority pathway Registration Process into Australia.

The General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Pathway Registration Process

If you have been working for a significant period of time in general practice you may be eligible to enrol in the RACGP Fellowship assessments via the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway.

This Registration Process Pathway recognises work experience and is a way that international medical graduates (IMGs), also referred to as overseas trained doctors, can gain Fellowship without having to do specialist general practice training (vocational training) in Australia.

If you are an IMG currently working in Australian general practice, you are required to complete four (4) years full time (or its part time equivalent) in general practice, one (1) year of which must have been undertaken in Australia, to be eligible for enrolment in the Fellowship assessments.

You need to have your time in general practice assessed by the College Censors through a formal application process. The Assessment of General Practice Experience policy outlines what the College Censors take into account when reviewing applications.

Doctors on the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway are able to undertake either the RACGP Fellowship exams, or the Practice Based Assessment (PBA).

If you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway, you may continue working towards meeting the requirements, or you may wish to consider specialist general practice training (vocational training).

General practice assessment fees for IMG practising outside of Australia, applicable to the general practice experience assessment process for the 2012-2013 financial year is Aus$550.

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