IMG - International Medical Graduates

IMG wishing to go through the GP Pathway have two main options to work in Australia.

Firstly the Area of Need “AoN”  GP practice within Medical Centres is a speciality of Medical Jobs Australia “MJ Australia” in placing GP’s in regional and rural Australia. For instance these areas exclude major cities like Sydney, Newcastle but within an hour or two of Sydney CBD we have doctor placements available in areas classified as regional areas.

There are a couple of choices that GP’s can apply for positions, the most favoured is a GP practice that see patients from say 8-5pm or you can apply to the practice that caters for house calls.

AoN applications are a backdoor process allowing doctors to practice without having to go through the hospital based program, but, before applying you must have 5 years GP experience in your own country.  You will also need to have passed the AMC MCQ and either OET or IELTS English test.

Secondly applicants going through the hospital system must do the internship process and then house officer before applying to the Royal Australian College of General Practice. This could take three or four years or more. The advantage is that you would be exposed to speciality work that you may wish to consider.

To work in Hospitals you will still require passing the AMC MCQ and AMC clinical exam to be fully registered as a doctor.  Because you are not trained in Australia, the only Pathway available to you is the Rural Pathway of the RACGP.  

Eligible Pathway with Qualifications

A small number of doctors who already work in Australia, hold any of the qualifications listed in the Practice Eligible Handbook, and received medical registration prior to 1 February 2010, are eligible to enrol in the RACGP Fellowship program without having their time assessed. 

Australia - The RACGP Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Training (CSCT)
Belgium - Specialist Certificate in General Practice / Family Medicine
Canada - Certificate in Family Practice from the College of Family Physicians of Canada
Denmark - Specialist Certificate in Family Medicine
Netherlands - Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice
Norway - Certificate of Specific Training for General Medical Practice
Singapore - Master of Medicine (Family Medicine) from the National University in Singapore
South Africa - Member of The College of Family Practitioners of the South African College of General Practice, Registration as a Family Physician with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, Master of Family Medicine, or Master of Prax Medicine
Sweden - Certificate of Specific Training for General Practice
UK - Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Certificate of the Joint Committee in Postgraduate Training for General Practice, or Certificate from the Post Medical Education Training Board
USA - Certificate of the American Board of Family Practice

Changes to the competent authority pathway for IMG's

(Effective from 1 July 2014)  The Medical Board of Australia (the Board) is making changes to the competent authority pathway for international medical graduates (IMGs). The changes are aimed at streamlining the assessment process for IMGs.

 Under the changes, instead of submitting an application form to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for an Advanced Standing Certificate, the IMG will apply directly to the Board for provisional registration. An application for an Advanced Standing Certificate will no longer be necessary.

 The AMC will continue to undertake primary source verification of an IMG’s qualifications through the ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS). Applicants applying via the competent authority pathway will be required to lodge an application for primary source verification with the AMC, prior to submitting their application for provisional registration with the Board.

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