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Your Curriculum Vitae, CV, Resume should be YOUR WORKING LIFE HISTORY documented in such a way that the first two  of  several Questions Medical Administrators look for when analysing you and your credentials for that very important job of working in their Hospital or Medical Centre. 

IMG’s from overseas are often a concern to the medical administrator that is grading you and your CV. And the two most important questions they have to initially address is to whether or not the applicant has the communication skills to work with colleagues and / or patients alike.

So how is this incorporated in your application?

Over the years I find that many applicants for medical positions are very lax in the area of presenting themselves to the fullest, believing that their qualifications are all that is necessary to find that Golden Opportunity along with Rich Rewards for both them and their families.

Armed with the right CV or Resume, the percentage chance of achieving that Golden Opportunity is enhanced several thousand folds.

One must keep in mind that medical administrators including and receive hundreds of emails and mail applications spending very little time working out the chaff from the wheat (so as to speak) on who will fit the role available in their domain.

Naturally your CV will include your medical degrees i.e. MBBS with or without honours) and other Australian recognised qualifications, your country of origin and First World experience plus other Australian recognised qualifications, workshops, seminar (EMST, APLS, BASIC etc and of course the most important qualification for working in Australia your AMC certificate for passing MCQ or advanced standing certificate for the Competent pathway.

Your Curriculum Vitae is crucial

Your Curriculum Vitae is crucial when you apply for a position within a Hospital or medical Centre because you are largely judged by its content and lay out.

If completed in a professional manner it may spell the difference between being considered for the position or being dropped.  A covering letter including, brief details about yourself and why they should hire you.     

Medical Professionals - Over the years one of the main reasons IMG's have trouble gaining employment opportunities in Australia is due to not having a professional written CV and covering letter.

Background checks of CV's are often requested by employers on medical job candidates for employment screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires a position of trust, such as hospital and government.

Medical Jobs Australia has partnered with Curriculum Vitae Services to write CV for Clients wishing to work in Australia and New Zealand. Fee's range from $85

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